Securing the Border

“We are more than doubling our investment in border security, allocating $800 million for added public safety personnel, technology and local resources to keep communities across our state safe. Thanks to my partners in the Legislature, much was accomplished this session on behalf of the people of Texas.”
-Governor Greg Abbott

(Dallas Morning News, June 2015)

“We’re putting more troopers there, more man hours there, more technology and more air assets…Some people think it was the most productive session we’ve ever had.”
-Lt. Governor Dan Patrick

(KSAT, August 2015)

Because of the federal government’s inaction and failure to protect our border with Mexico, TCC members in the 84th legislature allocated unprecedented resources toward border security. TCC members also authored and helped to pass House Bill 11, which increases over two years the number of Texas Department of Public Safety officers on the border and creates a voluntary corps of retired DPS officers to bolster the agency’s ranks. The bill also:

  • Increases penalties for human smuggling;
  • Requires DPS to assist federal authorities at southbound checkpoints at the border to screen for guns and illicit cash headed to Mexico;
  • Requires the Texas Attorney General to create a division within the agency that prosecutes transnational and organized crime; and
  • Creates the Texas Transnational Intelligence Center (TTIC).

To fund these and other border security efforts, TCC members worked diligently to appropriate an unprecedented $800 million for border security efforts and operations. TCC members kept their pledge to secure the border.

Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Patrick are trumpeting the 84th legislative session as the most conservative and productive legislative session in history largely because of our efforts to secure the border. Equally as important are the conservative initiatives TCC members will be able to consider to secure the border in the upcoming legislative session – like legislation to ban sanctuary cities.

Members of TCC are working to keep Texas strong, free and prosperous.

Last week, TCC sent a letter to Governor Greg Abbott in support of his joint request with Congressman Henry Cuellar to the Department of Homeland Security, which asked for clear justifications for the agency’s decision to halve aerial border security resources. TCC is deeply concerned by this decision and believe that it creates higher risk and lower security on the border for the National Guard, the Texas Department of Public Safety officers, local law enforcement and all Texans. In order to protect the border to the best of our abilities, we need a constant and accurate stream of intelligence from aerial resources.

TCC supports Governor Abbott’s principled position on refusing sanctuary city policies, which thwart the rule of law and endanger local communities and their residents. TCC supported Senate Bill 185 in the 84th legislative session in addition to House Bill 12 and Senate Bill 9 in the 82nd session to prohibit sanctuary city policies. With Governor Abbott’s support next session, TCC members will address these issues and press to end sanctuary cities in Texas.

Early last year, TCC members strongly supported Texas’ lawsuit in response to the President’s unconstitutional executive order on immigration. President Obama’s decree far exceeded his authority, bypassing 535 elected members of Congress who represent all Americans. The President’s challenge to our constitutional order was rightfully met with decisive legal challenge.