Protecting Constitutional Rights

“We got a remarkable amount done that addresses the concerns of conservatives. This was the most conservative legislative session that we’ve ever seen – and it was very effective.”
-Governor Greg Abbott 
(Texas Monthly, July 2015)
We had the most conservative senate, the most conservative legislature… in the history of the state.”
-Lt. Governor Dan Patrick 
(Texas Tribune, June 2015)

Throughout the 84th legislative session, Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) members worked hard to protect Texans’ fundamental constitutional rights to life and liberty. To keep the State of Texas on the path toward freedom and prosperity, TCC members passed legislation to:

  • Strengthen parental consent requirements for minors seeking an abortion (HB 3994);
  • Safeguard religious liberty by protecting clergy and employees of religious organizations from claims of discrimination if their faith does not recognize same-sex marriages (SB 2065);
  • Secure the right to hunt and fish via Proposition 6, a constitutional amendment sent by the Legislature to voters which was overwhelmingly approved in the November 2015 election; and
  • Advance Second Amendment rights by authorizing licensed open carry (HB 910) and campus carry (SB 11).

Additionally, TCC members have remained at the forefront of protecting private property rights in Texas by opposing the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in its attempt to claim thousands of privately owned acres of land in Texas as public lands under federal control. TCC members strongly supported H.R. 2130, a resolution that passed the House in December 2015, by which the land ownership dispute may be resolved.TCC also assisted with two amicus briefs (one on behalf of TCC and one from legislators) now filed in the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt concerning the pro-life regulations passed in HB 2 during a special session in 2013. The Supreme Court will soon consider whether the bill’s ambulatory surgical center requirement is constitutionally permissible after the Fifth Circuit opinion largely upheld the regulations. TCC members strongly urge the Court to affirm the judgment of the Fifth Circuit, uphold the provisions of HB 2 and safeguard the health of Texas women.