2017 Conservative Accomplishments

In the 2017 legislative session, members of the Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) worked to protect constitutional rights, safeguard economic freedom, and improve government transparency and accountability.

TCC members preserved Texans constitutional rights by prohibiting a governmental entity from compelling the production or disclosure of sermons delivered by religious leaders during religious worship (SB 24). Members also continued to advance Texans Second Amendment rights by reducing the fee to obtain or renew a license to carry a handgun (SB 16) and allowing the classroom portion of a handgun proficiency class to be offered online (HB 3784).

Members of TCC answered Governor Abbott’s call to undue the “patchwork” of burdensome local regulations throughout the state starting with allowing ride sharing companies to operate on one statewide standard (HB 100). The repeal of outdated and unnecessary occupational licenses was also a priority for the Legislature this session (SB 2065, SB 848, and HB 91).

TCC members led the way in restructuring the Department of Family and Protective Services by increasing the monetary assistance available to “kinship care”, allow DFPS to exist as a standalone agency to ensure accountability, and expand community based foster-care (HB 4, HB 5, SB 11).

TCC caucus members were also instrumental in the passage of numerous other critical pieces of legislation, including banning sanctuary cities (SB 4), ending inappropriate student-teacher relationships (SB 7), fixing municipal pension issues in Dallas (HB 3158) and Houston (SB 2190), banning partial birth abortions (SB 8), and refining Texas’ voter ID law (SB 5).

The following document offers a comprehensive overview of each of the conservative accomplishments of the 85th Texas Legislature:
TCC 85th Legislature Accomplishments