2015 Conservative Accomplishments

The 84th Texas Legislature was marked by significant achievement in fiscal and economic policy, and members of the Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) played a key role.

TCC members authored and supported legislation that resulted in more than $3.8 billion of tax cuts (SB 1 & HB 32) and measures to ensure the continued safe and productive development of the state’s natural resources (HB 40 & HB 1794).

Members of TCC also passed several critical pieces of legislation to advance Texans’ constitutional rights, including SB 2056, which protects clergy and other people employed by religious organizations  from being forced to violate a sincerely held religious belief. TCC members also authored and passed bills advanced Second Amendment rights in Texas, including SB 11, which allows concealed handgun license holders to carry on public college and university campuses, and HB 910, which allows for licensed open carry of handguns.

TCC was also instrumental in the advancement of numerous pieces of legislation to deregulate the state’s economy through reduced licensing requirements, to underpin the state’s future growth prospects by dedicating sufficient funding for highway infrastructure (HB 1 & SJR 5), and ensuring that teachers have access to quality training (SBs 925, 934, 935 & 972) to help students become college or career-ready.

The following document offers a comprehensive overview of each of the conservative accomplishments of the 84th Texas Legislature:

Conservative Accomplishments of the 84th Legislature