Statement on Special Session Priority to Extend the Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task Force


CONTACT: John Colyandro

AUSTIN – The Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) today issued the following release regarding the special session item to extend the Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task Force.

Maternal mortality rates in the United States have risen and are even higher in Texas (more than 30 per 100,0000). An alarming trend since 60 percent of these deaths nationwide are preventable. Extending the Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task Force is needed to study these trends and help address this critical issue.

Representative Cindy Burkett (R-Sunnyvale), a Board Member of TCC, has authored House Bill 9.  HB 9 extends the Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task Force to 2023. It also creates a Maternal Health and Safety Initiative focused on implementing the best tools and procedures related to maternal health and safety. “The health of mothers during and after pregnancy is a critical concern for all legislators,” said Representative Burkett. “It’s essential to building a culture of life to figure out why so many mothers are having such serious, and sometimes, deadly health complications.”

Representative Geanie Morrison (R-Victoria), also a TCC member, added, “As someone who has worked my entire legislative career on pro-life issues and women’s health care, I want to make sure we undertake a serious inquiry into this pressing issue.”

TCC Member Senator Lois Kolkhorst (R- Brenham) authored and lead similar legislation in the Senate. SB 17 passed July 25, 2017.

Support for this legislation continues to grow as 64 TCC members have signed on in support of the effort, including:

  • Senator Paul Bettencourt
  • Senator Brandon Creighton
  • Senator Bob Hall
  • Senator Don Huffines
  • Senator Jane Nelson
  • Senator Van Taylor
  • Representative “Doc” Anderson
  • Representative Rodney Anderson
  • Representative Ernest Bailes
  • Representative Cecil Bell
  • Representative Kyle Biedermann
  • Representative Dwayne Bohac
  • Representative Dennis Bonnen
  • Representative Greg Bonnen
  • Representative DeWayne Burns
  • Representative Dustin Burrows
  • Representative Angie Chen Button
  • Representative Briscoe Cain
  • Representative Giovanni Capriglione
  • Representative Scott Cosper
  • Representative John Cyrier
  • Representative Tony Dale
  • Representative Drew Darby
  • Representative Wayne Faircloth
  • Representative Dan Flynn
  • Representative James Frank
  • Representative Craig Goldman
  • Representative Lance Gooden
  • Representative Cole Hefner
  • Representative Justin Holland
  • Representative Jason Isaac
  • Representative Mark Keough
  • Representative Phil King
  • Representative Matt Krause
  • Representative Scott Lambert
  • Representative Brooks Landgraf
  • Representative Mike Lang
  • Representative Jeff Leach
  • Representative Will Metcalf
  • Representative Morgan Meyer
  • Representative Rick Miller
  • Representative Jim Murphy
  • Representative Andrew Murr
  • Representative Tom Oliverson
  • Representative Tan Parker
  • Representative Dennis Paul
  • Representative Dade Phelan
  • Representative Larry Phillips
  • Representative Kevin Roberts
  • Representative Mike Schofield
  • Representative Leighton Schubert
  • Representative Hugh Shine
  • Representative Ron Simmons
  • Representative Phil Stephenson
  • Representative Lynn Stucky
  • Representative Ed Thompson
  • Representative Tony Tinderholt
  • Representative Jason Villalba
  • Representative James White
  • Representative Terry Wilson
  • Representative Paul Workman
  • Representative John Wray
  • Representative Bill Zedler