Statement on Special Session Priority to Place a Cap on State Spending


Contact: John Colyandro

AUSTIN – The Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) today issued the following release regarding the special session item to place a cap on state spending.

Texas’ current spending limit, contained in Article VIII, Section 22 of the Texas Constitution, is tied to growth of the state’s economy, which is defined as growth in personal income.  Estimates of personal income growth are frequently inaccurate, and sometimes wildly so, which demands that state spending limits be tightened.

House Bill 208 by Representative Tan Parker (R- Flower Mound) and House Bill 41, by Representative Mike Schofield (R- Katy), will establish a new state spending cap based on population growth and inflation.

“For Texas to remain the beacon of economic opportunity, we must pass a stronger state spending cap. As lawmakers, we come to work each day with the promise of utilizing the taxpayers’ dollars responsibly and must always strive to operate at the lowest possible cost each day. Limiting our state spending is absolutely critical to our long-term financial strength and will all but guarantee our economic dominance for generations to come,” said TCC Board Member Representative Tan Parker.

Representative Schofield, also a member of TCC, echoed the importance of an effective spending cap by adding, “This legislation is designed to stop government from taking up a larger and larger percentage of the state’s economy by allowing increases only for inflation and for the increased population of our state,” said Rep. Schofield. “Our goal is to maintain limited government in Texas, and a stronger spending limit is one tool to help achieve it.”

TCC Member Senator Kelly Hancock also authored legislation to place a cap on state spending in the Senate; SB 9 passed on July 26.

Support for this legislation continues to grow as 56 TCC members have signed on in support of the effort, including:

  • Representative “Doc” Anderson
  • Representative Rodney Anderson
  • Representative Cecil Bell
  • Representative Kyle Biedermann
  • Representative Dwayne Bohac
  • Representative Dennis Bonnen
  • Representative Greg Bonnen
  • Representative Cindy Burkett
  • Representative DeWayne Burns
  • Representative Dustin Burrows
  • Representative Angie Chen Button
  • Representative Briscoe Cain
  • Representative John Cyrier
  • Representative Tony Dale
  • Representative Jay Dean
  • Representative Gary Elkins
  • Representative Wayne Faircloth
  • Representative Pat Fallon
  • Representative Dan Flynn
  • Representative James Frank
  • Representative Craig Goldman
  • Representative Cole Hefner
  • Representative Justin Holland
  • Representative Jason Isaac
  • Representative Mark Keough
  • Representative Phil King
  • Representative Matt Krause
  • Representative Scott Lambert
  • Representative Mike Lang
  • Representative Brooks Landgraf
  • Representative Jeff Leach
  • Representative Will Metcalf
  • Representative Morgan Meyer
  • Representative Rick Miller
  • Representative Jim Murphy
  • Representative Andrew Murr
  • Representative Tom Oliverson
  • Representative Dennis Paul
  • Representative Matt Rinaldi
  • Representative Kevin Roberts
  • Representative Scott Sanford
  • Representative Matt Schaefer
  • Representative Mike Schofield
  • Representative Leighton Schubert
  • Representative Matt Shaheen
  • Representative Ron Simmons
  • Representative Drew Springer
  • Representative Phil Stephenson
  • Representative Valoree Swanson
  • Representative Ed Thompson
  • Representative Tony Tinderholt
  • Representative Jason Villalba
  • Representative James White
  • Representative Terry Wilson
  • Representative Paul Workman
  • Representative Bill Zedler