TCC Letter to Governor Abbott: We support your call for a special session

July 12, 2017


Dear Governor Abbott:


We write to express our support for your decision to call a special session on July 18, 2017.  While we believe there were many significant victories in the 85th Regular Session (a ban on sanctuary cities, reform of child protective services, ridesharing and the LIFE Initiative, as examples), we believe there is significant, unfinished business that, if passed into law, would maintain Texas’ leadership in state governance.


Many of the issues you mentioned that could be included in a special session upon Senate passage of the Texas Medical Board sunset legislation rest on our fundamental principles of life, liberty and property: expedited permitting, protection of the unborn, privacy, and taxpayer protections, such as property tax reform and spending limitations.  We believe that these and other issues you raise – such as improving education – are worthy of debate and we are ready to work with you, the Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker to advance the conservative cause.


We know that calling a Special Session is a matter that you did not take lightly, but we will take the opportunity seriously because of our passionate belief that conservatism, as demonstrated in Texas and across the country, is the right basis for good government, and economic and social success.

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