2017 Pledge With Texans

Advance, Support and Vote for Legislation

Members of the Texas Conservative Coalition pledge to advance, support and vote for legislation that will:

  1. Protect constitutional rights
    Recognizing that the rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution are unalienable and that every elected official takes an oath to protect and defend those rights, I pledge to:
    Uphold rights protected under First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, including the right to free speech, religion, the press and association.

    • Uphold rights protected under the Second Amendment to the U.S Constitution.
    • Protect the right to life.
    • Continue to resist actions by the federal government that exceed its constitutional authority and assert our Tenth Amendment right to govern ourselves.
    • Pursue structural fiscal reforms to the U.S. Constitution.


  2. Advance economic freedom by reducing barriers for first-time employers and job seekers
    Recognizing that a free market is the only path to prosperity, the state must not impede individuals and businesses from getting jobs and starting new businesses. I pledge to:

    • Reduce barriers to employment by repealing occupational licensing laws unrelated to health, safety and services, and refuse to enact new licensing laws.
    • Reduce barriers to creating new businesses by prohibiting cities and counties from enacting economic regulations that stifle business by creating barriers to entry and protecting existing businesses from new competition.
    • Repeal senseless or outdated regulations which will spur economic activity and job creation.


  3. Promote government reform, accountability and fiscal responsibility
    Recognizing that government must be a careful and protective steward over the money it collects from taxpayers, and that low taxes and limited government are the foundation stones of economic growth, I pledge to:

    • Balance the state budget without raising taxes.
    • Enact a stricter constitutional spending limit based on population and inflation.
    • Protect the Economic Stabilization (Rainy Day) Fund.
    • Amend the Texas Constitution to prohibit budget certification using dedicated funds.
    • Reform the Sunset Commission to refocus the commission, expand public participation and give it authority similar to BRAC.
    • Institute zero-based budgeting.


  4. Encourage job creation through tax reform, reduction and elimination
    Every state attempts to attract new employers and expand existing businesses through a variety of economic development plans including various incentives and subsidies. But the best economic development plan that benefits all employers is one that rests on low, fair, transparent taxes. Therefore, I pledge to:

    • Eliminate the franchise tax.
    • Reform and reduce property taxes.
    • Permanently ban a state income tax.


  5. Improve education
    Recognizing that all forms of education exist primarily to serve students and their families, and that students and their families must therefore be placed at the center of the education system, I pledge to:

    • Advance public school choice.
    • Support a parent’s right to enroll their child in the school of the parent’s choice.
    • Remove regulatory hurdles to all forms of digital learning.


  6. Work to strengthen border security and stem illegal Immigration
    Recognizing that the federal government has failed in its duty to protect Texas’ international border from illegal crossings, and that the State of Texas must do all that it can to dissuade illegal entry, I pledge to:

    • Maintain and improve current border security efforts.
    • Imposing criminal penalties (Class B Misdemeanor) on public officials who enact sanctuary policies.
    • Seek reimbursement of border expenses from the federal government.
    • Ensure that Texas and its political subdivisions fully enforce current law.