TCC Supports Protecting Private Property in Texas with H.R. 2130

Members of the Texas Conservative Coalition sent the following letter to Senator Cornyn andSenator Cruz expressing our support for H.R. 2130:

Dear Senator:

In May 2014, the Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) wrote a letter to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) expressing our deep concern over its attempt to claim approximately 90,000 privately owned acres of land in Texas as public lands under federal control. That claim was reduced to approximately 30,000 acres, nonetheless we remain steadfast in our opposition to the taking of private land in this manner by the federal government.

We applaud your work to protect the private property rights of Texans along the Red River and offer our support for H.R. 2130, which passed the House on December 9, 2015. That resolution would create an appropriate process, overseen by the BLM and utilizing survey methods developed by the U.S. Supreme Court, by which the land ownership dispute may be resolved.

The most critical components of the bill, however, are that it ensures that affected landowners will have an opportunity to appeal the decisions of the BLM directly to an administrative law judge, and landowners will be able to claim legal ownership of lands that are determined to be public lands if they have held them in good faith. These provisions reflect the reality of the land ownership situation along parts of the Red River and they appropriately place the property rights of Texans squarely at the center of your legislation.

President Obama indicates that he is prepared to veto H.R. 2130. While it is our hope that the President changes course and chooses to support private property rights, we urge you to continue supporting H.R. 2130 even if he does not. You have our support and we thank you for your efforts.


Senator Brian Birdwell
Senator Donna Campbell
Senator Craig Estes
Senator Bob Hall
Senator Kelly Hancock
Senator Don Huffines
Senator Charles Perry
Senator Charles Schwertner
Senator Larry Taylor
Senator Van Taylor
Representative Rodney Anderson
Representative Trent Ashby
Representative Cecil Bell Jr.
Representative Dwayne Bohac
Representative Dennis Bonnen
Representative Greg Bonnen
Representative Cindy Burkett
Representative DeWayne Burns
Representative Angie Chen Button
Representative Travis Clardy
Representative Byron Cook
Representative Tom Craddick
Representative Myra Crownover
Representative Gary Elkins
Representative Wayne Faircloth
Representative Pat Fallon
Representative Dan Flynn
Representative James Frank
Representative Craig Goldman
Representative Patricia Harless
Representative Jason Isaac
Representative Phil King
Representative Susan King
Representative Stephanie Klick
Representative Matt Krause
Representative Brooks Landgraf
Representative Jodie Laubenberg
Representative Jeff Leach
Representative Will Metcalf
Representative Rick Miller
Representative Geanie Morrison
Representative Jim Murphy
Representative Andrew Murr
Representative Chris Paddie
Representative Tan Parker
Representative Dennis Paul
Representative Dade Phelan
Representative Larry Phillips
Representative Debbie Riddle
Representative Matt Rinaldi
Representative Scott Sanford
Representative Matt Shaheen
Representative Ron Simmons
Representative Stuart Spitzer
Representative Drew Springer
Representative Ed Thompson
Representative Gary VanDeaver
Representative James White
Representative Paul Workman
Representative John Wray
Representative Bill Zedler