TCC Members Support Governor Abbott’s LIFE Initiative

Members of the Texas Conservative Coalition today sent a letter to Governor Greg Abbott in support of his LIFE Initiative, which will make it a felony under Texas law to perform a partial-birth abortion and make it illegal for abortion doctors to risk a woman’s health by altering the procedure to preserve fetal body parts. Other provisions of the initiative will eliminate and criminalize any sale or transaction of fetal tissue by an abortion clinic, and the initiative would also eliminate all taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers at both the state and local levels. The letter reads in part:

The Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) applauds your announcement of the new statewide “LIFE Initiative,” a comprehensive set of policy proposals that, when implemented, will provide greater protection for unborn children and prevent the sale of fetal body parts … TCC strongly supports your proposals to protect unborn life and assist mothers in dire personal situations. We are available to assist your office, and we are prepared to take legislative action when the time comes.

Click here to read the full letter.