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TCC in Action

  • In a letter citing the Texas constitution, state statute, and an Attorney General opinion, 36 conservative state legislators urged the Texas Lottery Commission against adoption of bingo rules that would be allow for slot machine style games. The letter notes that the proposed rules are unconstitutional and clearly contrary to the collective will of the Legislature and opinions rendered by the Attorney General.
  • In this letter, 59 conservative state legislators express support for Senator Ted Cruz's American Energy Renaissance Act, which will curtail the overzealous regulation pursued by the EPA and empower states and the private sector to strengthen the energy sector, grow the economy, and create jobs.¬†
  • In this public comment, 57 conservative state legislators show their¬†support for the Keystone XL pipeline project and encourage the U.S> Department of State to approve a Presidential Permit in order for the project to proceed so that the vast economic benefits may be realized, and to advance America to greater energy independence and security.
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